Lone Pine Clydesdales



     Lone Pine Clydesdales located at Walking H Ranch, is a 280 acre ranch located in Lone Pine, Oregon.  Lone Pine Clydesdales is sponsored by the family's business, American Sprinklers Inc., a fire protection company serving Western and Central Oregon. Walking H Ranch is now home to between 14-18 registered black Clydesdales.  For the past 20 years, the Hegele family has also been raising and training their own horses. 

     In general, Clydesdales horses are most commonly recognized outfitted in elaborate leather and chrome harness with braided manes & tails as they are highstepping their way through crowds of people attracting attention anywhere they may go.  Yet, at Lone Pine Clydesdales, these same show horses can also be found out harrowing or plowing the hay field, taking pleasure drives through Lone Pine Valley, or even out pleasure riding through the BLM lands.  Even though the Hegele family uses their Clydesdales horses as pleasure hitch horses, they are also entered in various parades, county fairs and plowing competitions and open horse shows throughout Oregon.  Lone Pine Clydesdales horses display their horses in a variety of categories from hay rides, halter classes, farming demonstrations, weddings, show hitch competitions and even western pleasure and trail classes.

     For more information on what horses are currently for sale, please contact Candy Hegele 503-519-3606 or Alisha Hegele at 503-313-3343.

You can also email us at Lonepineclydesdales@yahoo.com for more information!


Lone Pine Clydesdales

is now offering custom carriage and hay rides.  Contact us for a personal quote on your special event! 


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